LTE and UMTS Air Interface Comparison

There's a very interesting blog entry over at the 3G and 4G Wireless Blog by Devendra Sharma on the differences between the LTE and UMTS air interface beyond just the physical layer. By and large he comes to the conclusion that the LTE air interface and its management is a lot simpler. I quite agree and hope that this translates into a significantly more efficient power management on the mobile side (see here) and improved handling of small bursts of data of background IP applications (see here and here). I guess only first implementations will tell how much it is really worth. I am looking forward to it.

2 thoughts on “LTE and UMTS Air Interface Comparison”

  1. 1) Is it true that the operator cost per bit to carry a Voice over IP call in 3G PS is higher that in case of a 3G CS call?

    2) Is it true that LTE radio solves the problem above, making the cost per bit of a VoIP call competitive with a classic CS-based call?

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