Mobile Notification for Parcel Deliveries from DHL

Here's an innovative mobile service from the German Postal Service (Deutsche Post, DHL) I think I will use more often from now on: My big problem when getting things via mail is that I am usually not at home when the parcels are delivered. That leaves me with guessing when the parcels arrive, go home early to pick up the delivery failure notice and then drop by the post office before it closes in the evening. But now there's a better solution for it: Close to my office there's a so called "Packstation" to which my parcel can be delivered. Once it's there I automatically get an e-mail or SMS to inform me that I can pick it up. Great, I just have to walk over, insert my customer card, type in the PIN and the parcel is mine. Great mobile service, that's how I like it!

3 thoughts on “Mobile Notification for Parcel Deliveries from DHL”

  1. But these stations have 2 problems: 1. They are used to lay off workers and close post offices, 2. hacked “pack station” accounts combined with a leaked bank account number have been used to order products on your name and fetch them via pack station.

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    Thanks for the feedbak on the blog entry. Indeed, there is no thing that doesn’t have a couple of bad sides as well. So the question is which side is more beneficial and if its possible to deal with the consequenses of the negative side.

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