Mobile vs. Newspaper @ Breakfast

Self observation today: How is the daily morning news best consumed during breakfast? From a mobile device, TV or a plain good old newspaper? I guess the answer depends on whom you ask but I strongly prefer a mobile device for a simple reason: I can get to the news that interests me quickly, i.e. I decide, and it can be easily held and navigated on with one hand while the other hand takes care of breakfast.

With news on the TV I am not in charge so that's a no-go for me. And with the newspaper, I need both hands and my table is just not big enough so I can put it down. Sure it can be folded etc. but that won't help much as each time you are done with half a page both hands need to come back into action to "navigate" to the next page. There we go, my preference. How do you consume the morning news?

8 thoughts on “Mobile vs. Newspaper @ Breakfast”

  1. While eating breakfast I usually don’t use either. Instead opting to enjoy the food while either people watching or listening to music.

    That isn’t to say I don’t get my daily morning knowledge fix. As soon as I wake up I reach over for my smartphone and check my email, Digg, Techmeme, Twitter, read a few web pages, and then get out of bed.

  2. Newspaper, definitely. Is more relaxing, less clicks needed and no electronic screen. Longer articles are better to read. And on the mobile i only read my personal favourite-topics (e.g. soccer and it-news), whereas in the newspaper i read also why ireland voted for the eu etc.

  3. Depends on the situation. When away, a hotel breakfast while reading the BBC news on my Blackberry is the norm for me. At home breakfast is usually more rushed, so a few soundbites from Radio 4 has to suffice.

  4. Google News on the iphone or MB. But I would prefer the selection of int. newspapers in Cafe Griensteidl in the Center of Vienna and a lot of time.

  5. If it were during breakfast, TV as it requires no hands and you can keep listening while moving around. While driving, radio. If I took public transport, mobile would be better there.

    I don’t think it’s bad to have a cross-section of news spoon-fed occasionally rather than just my chosen topics, realising all news providers will have some kind of bias.
    I read a large newspaper most Saturdays.

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