Update: Orange in the Metro

Back in September I noticed that the speed when browsing the web in the Paris Metro with OperaMini has significantly improved using France Telecom's / Orange network. At the time I was wondering if this improvement over a previous massive slowdown was only temporary due to the vacation period or if something has really changed. This Saturday I took a hopelessly overcrowded Metro 4 through the city center and it's good to see that there was enough network capacity for my Opera Mini browser to fly from one page to the next. Thanks Orange, it's usable again now!

One thought on “Update: Orange in the Metro”

  1. I’m using the Orange Network in the Metro 4 too, using my android device, and hell, I’ve never seen such a slow connection…
    It’s always using edge (I guess because the 2100MHz penetration wouldn’t allow coverage in the corridors), and it is very slow, may it be for the browser, or for applications using the network.

    I also noticed that in my first month I was able to get HSPA connections outside, and since I overcame the 500MB cap in the first month, I’ve never seen the beloved ‘H’ logo at the top. So maybe Orange is deliberately reducing my bandwidth when there is congestion, which is likely to be the case in the metro.

    I am eager to subscribe to the 4th operator in 2 years!!

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