HSPA Cat 8 in Practice

Almost exactly 2 years ago, I've first seen a demonstration of a cat Cat 7/8 HSDPA device and went away very impressed after seeing downlink speeds of 4.2 MBit/s. Now I've finally gotten my hands on one myself and tested it in Vodafone's network in Germany. On the 6th floor of a building, the base station pretty close by (I assume) and my download speeds easily exceeded 5 MBit/s (= 700 kbyte/s) consistently over several days and at different times of the day. Wow, that's twice as fast as my ADSL line. But that's not the end of the line, a few operators have already rolled out HSPA+ with 21 MBit/s. Examples are Mobilkom Austria in Vienna and Telstra in Australia.

4 thoughts on “HSPA Cat 8 in Practice”

  1. All the HSPA+ devices are based on the Qualcomm MSM8200 at this point, Bruce. Icera’s has 14.4Mbps out now though (iCon 505 for example) and 21Mbps soon, and I assume ST-Ericsson’s M540 will eventually be available in real products too. None of these are really viable for phones; there you’ll have to wait for the various 45/40nm chips, of which the first might just be Icera’s.

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