When Linux runs the Wi-Fi card better than the original

Ubuntu keeps surprising me positiviely! A few days ago I installed the OS on my somewhat older desktop computer as well, not really hoping that I could reuse the PCI Wi-Fi card inside. That was because I thought the card was broken as under Windows and the native driver it always stopped working after a while and would only come back after a reboot.

Surprise surprise with Ubuntu! Not only did it recognize the card instantly without the need to install an extra driver it is also rock solid and hasn’t stopped working after hours of using it. Looks like it wasn’t the hardware after all but just a crappy Windows driver installation by the manufacturer of the card. Incredible! While the manufacturer has long given up on the card, it works like a charm under the free OS and is much more stable. What more can you want?

2 thoughts on “When Linux runs the Wi-Fi card better than the original”

  1. I agree, Ubuntu really makes good use of older hardware compared to Windows (esp Vista). For more ancient hardware Xubuntu is an option if even Ubuntu is too demanding.

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