Impressive List of Android Device Manufacturers

Interesting how within just about one year after the release of the first Android phone in Q3/2008, the list of companies that have launched or are close to launching an Android phone has gone far beyond just HTC. Here's an overview:

  • HTC 
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Motorola
  • Sony Ericsson
  • Huawei
  • Dell
  • Acer (o.k. a netbook, but let's count them, too)

The list's probably not complete and there are likely also some smaller less known Asian manufacturers who are in the game as well. So except Nokia and Apple, all major manufacturers are now in the boat, most with a multi-OS strategy. That could kind of make the air a bit thin in the future for other open OSes such as Symbian and Maemo. I guess Google must be pretty pleased with the success of their platform so far.

I still remember that not so long ago, few would have believed such a rapid development was possible. That includes me.

3 thoughts on “Impressive List of Android Device Manufacturers”

  1. Android is picking up. Samsung with Tata Docomo has launched an Android phone in India couple of weeks back. This is second Android phone in Indian market, first being HTC.

  2. Google is visionnaire: they not only have seen internet coming into the mobile world: they have also taken the right actions in particular with Android to enter this new market for them. And with their 10 years or more experience in internet applications, it will be difficult for some time to compete. They understand perfectly the internet business and the same business model will apply to mobile internet: cheap, open and global. They have a big advantage compared to the others: they control a big portion of the advertisement on the web which allows them to propose almost all the applications for free to the end-user.

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