MWC 2010 – Meet the Big – Meet the Small

17022010264-sm One thing I really like about the Mobile World Congress is that while the news is obviously dominated by the big players like network vendors (think Ericsson, NSN, Huawei, etc.), mobile device vendors (think Nokia, HTC, Samsung, etc.) and software companies (think Microsoft, Google, etc.), the majority of companies being here in terms of numbers are small companies and start-ups with specific products to show them to their potential customers. And the customers are not necessarily in the mobile space as I have learnt today so probably quite a good percentage of the visitors are not working in the mobile domain.

An example: By chance I ran into Jon Arne Saeteras today, whom I met a couple of weeks ago when presenting at Mobile Monday Oslo. Here in Barcelona, he's the one on stage presenting the mobile web publishing products of Mobiletech, a company out of Norway and with a couple of dozen employees, so quite small compared to the tens of thousands of employees of the big players in the mobile industry. And an international stage is just what the company needs. Their customers, newspapers and other content produces looking to expand their reach to mobile, are not only from the nordic countries, but also from the US like the Washington post and other parts of the world. To me, it's always amazing how technology today enables even smaller companies today to compete on a global scale.