More Wi-Fi VPN Options

For those of you using public Wi-Fi hotspots now and then and who are a bit worried after my previous post on cookie theft there are several VPN options that protect you from eavesdroppers. In this post I talked about installing a PPTP server on your windows machine at home to redirect all your traffic while you are away via your home network. That's not everybody's cup of tea, however, as you need a DSL or cable connection with a fast uplink and a PC running all the time. So for those of you looking for an alternative on the net here are two:

Both offer a number of different options ranging from PPTP, which Windows already has a client for, up to a full OpenVPN SSL with certificates and all bells and whistles you can imagine. Both VPN offers also work with Linux and the OpenVPN configuration especially with Ubuntu (I tried with Jaunty) it is quite straight forward.

Both VPNs are not free but if you compare the power cost over a year if you leave an extra machine running at home, the extra cost for the external VPN might just be negligible.