When Will UMTS be Switched-Off?

With the spectrum auctions currently ongoing in Germany these days and LTE being the hot topic a number of people have independently asked me recently when I think UMTS will be switched-off. A refreshing variant of the question when GSM will be switched-off. I find the question quite interesting and my answer is that I personally think that UMTS won't go away anytime soon. Having reached almost nationwide coverage in many countries, offering broadband speeds and continuing development ensuring competitiveness, the only reason I can see why to switch it off at some point is to save cost. But until it can be switched-off a number of things have to happen:

  • LTE must reach a similar coverage as 3G networks today.
  • Most mobile devices requiring a fast mobile and wireless Internet connection have to have LTE built in.
  • A voice solution for LTE must be found as falling back to GSM (which is not switched-off either…) for voice calls is from my point of view not a viable option.

So when will those things have fallen into place? I seriously doubt that this will happen within the next 5 years. And once we get there, will there still be a need to switch 3G off or will multi-mode base stations that can generate GSM, UMTS and LTE signals just make it unnecessary?

I see a coexistence of GSM, UMTS and LTE for a very long time to come. So instead of working on phasing out UMTS, it might make more sense to work on solutions to integrate the different radio systems.

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3 thoughts on “When Will UMTS be Switched-Off?”

  1. Hi Tan,

    Personally, I don’t like CS Fallback because it significantly increases the already long call setup times and falling back to a legacy network for your bread and butter service is not how wireless technology should advance.


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