25.331 How About Splitting the Monster?

I've rumbled before about the size of the 3GPP 3G Radio Resource Control Specification TS 25.331 here when I noticed the significant size difference to the much more lightweight brother specification for LTE. You can feel the whole weight of it when you try to open it and search for something specific. Without a mainframe computer it's impossible to browse it efficiently anymore and converting it to PDF to make it a bit more manageable is a night time task while you sleep. So hey, guys over there in RAN, how about splitting this document up in several parts!? It's been done before for other specs, ask the RAN4 people and have a look at the split test specs documents 🙂

4 thoughts on “25.331 How About Splitting the Monster?”

  1. Like code refactoring on complex modules.. too many LOC per module; too many functions/methods per file/class, etc


  2. Hi Martin,

    In these cases I usually download the PDF version created by ETSI which is more stable. The links are available on 3GPP website on the same page where you download the 3GPP word version.

  3. Based on my experience of 25.331 and other 3GPP specifications which are split, I strongly prefer a single file. Otherwise, I have to open them all anyway, and searching becomes highly painful. Of course, to use 25.331 easily, you’d better not use display by page and disable all automatic functions such as paging, saving, etc.

  4. one tip: use the draft mode of edition if you use the word version: browsing is much easier.

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