8h at the Airport – Connectivity Makes the Difference

Ash clouds, broken cockpit windows and other things sometimes make you stick around an airport for a bit longer than originally anticipated. Recently, I had to wait for a flight for 8 hours and as you can imagine, I was a bit less than not amused. But the bright side of it was that with 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity I could put the 8 hours into good use, connect to the company network and get a day's work done. If not I would have wondered aimlessly through the halls, maybe tried to read a book and probably have been very upset by the whole thing. So a little advice to airlines: Instead of just giving out vouchers for food, consider giving out Wi-Fi vouchers as well to waiting passengers. I guess some would even prefer that.

2 thoughts on “8h at the Airport – Connectivity Makes the Difference”

  1. I guess, you were stuck in a home country rather than abroad. Most mobile data cost a fortune in foreign countries with your home country dongle (I pay £1 per MB at least nowadays) or even if you pay for WiFi at the airport lounge, it still costs a significant amount.

    As I always say, there is a big opportunity for global data MVNO 🙂

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