The Nokia N8 – Pentaband UMTS

I was quite surprised when I heard that the upcoming Nokia N8 would support 5 UMTS bands in a single device. I was skeptical at first but both Wikipedia and Nokia confirm it here and here. In other words, it seems there won't be several hardware versions of the N8 for different parts of the world as was the case for many other devices before. Instead, a single device can be sold and used everywhere. Let's have a look at the bands:

  • Band I (UMTS 2100, Europe's main 3G band)
  • Band II (UMTS 1900, US band)
  • Band IV (UMTS 1700/2100, US band)
  • Band V (UMTS 850, US band)
  • Band VIII (UMTS 900, Europe and used e.g. in France and Finland in rural areas)

Great stuff which will hopefully find many followers to enable truly global roaming!

2 thoughts on “The Nokia N8 – Pentaband UMTS”

  1. Of the above, I believe only bands I, V, and VIII are utilized in Australia, no? Band III (DCS 1800) is the other active UMTS band, I think.

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