How Much Does The DSL Line Cost Per Day?

In some countries in Europe such as Germany, for example, there are quite a number of offers for daily 3G Internet access now in the range between €2.50 to €5.00. Especially €2.50 offers sound quite cheap, almost like network operators giving their services away for free. But how much is that compared to the daily fee of a DSL line at home? Let's compare with a DSL line that costs €30 per month. That would be €1.00 a day. In other words, there's still a premium for wireless in the daily charge. So while it sounds cheap, summing up €2.50 over 30 days brings you to €75. That's quite a sum so it quickly pays to go for a monthly option if mobile Internet access is required for more than just a few days per month.

5 thoughts on “How Much Does The DSL Line Cost Per Day?”

  1. I wonder how much DSL would be on a per-day basis 😉

    15 Euro per month for a 3G data service works out cheaper than a monthly DSL line (assuming you are happy with rate and bit limits)and in some cases has no contract commitment.

    One of the best deals I’ve found in Germany is Fonic who, as you know, use the Telefonica/O2 network. It’s 2.50 per day with a 25 Euro per month maximum charge.

  2. Here’s what the report from the link above says:

    –Strong FTTB build-out to East led by Russia,
    –North and east Europe generally leading, and these look set to continue to lead through the next two years

    That’s exactly what I see here.

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