LTE Speeds on a 20 MHz Carrier in Stockholm

Computer World editor Mikael Ricknäs seems to have taken a little trip to Sweden to give the live LTE network there that operates on a 20 MHz carrier in the 2.6 GHz band as well as their 3G network a try. Very interesting numbers he gives in his report indeed, with peak downlink speeds of 59.1 MBit/s and peak uplink speeds of 18.2 MBit/s. Also, the reported HSPA speeds of up to 8.5 MBit/s (in a 5 MHz carrier) are quite notable. For the details, here's the link again to the article.

(Via LTE Watch)

2 thoughts on “LTE Speeds on a 20 MHz Carrier in Stockholm”

  1. Hello Martin,

    First and foremost, thank you very much for your blog: I think it’s a great tool to improve and consolidate my knowledge on mobile communications. So is your book, BTW! 😉

    I would like to ask you why you think the concept of soft handover has never been included as a requirement for LTE-A. Is it a limitation of OFDMA/SC-FDMA, a consequence of pushing RNC functionalities into eNBs, or just a feature that may be included in the standard in the future?

    Thank you very much in advance.


  2. Hi Jamie,

    thats a good question. From what I see, 3GPP attempted to put a sort of soft handover into LTE-Advanced with CoMP (coordinated multi-point). However, it seems there were some obstacles that prevented it to be included into 3GPP Release 10.


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