Hotels with Indoor 2G and 3G Coverage

Recently I was in a hotel that had dedicated indoor cellular 3G coverage on the lower floors. Dedicated in this case meant that one mobile network operator installed indoor coverage with antennas distributed throughout the hotel. So I would say that most foreign visitors sooner or later landed on just that network as the other networks had only weak or no coverage at all. And despite roaming prices having come down in recent years I think calls from foreigners are still highly lucrative. So I wonder who paid whom for the indoor coverage? Did the hotel pay the network operator so guests have reception in all places where outdoor coverage is weak or is the mobile network operator paying the hotel for the opportunity to get (more or less) exclusive access to foreign visitors? I'd speculate that it's the later but that's just a guess on my side. In any case, good cooperation from both sides to make the customer happy.

2 thoughts on “Hotels with Indoor 2G and 3G Coverage”

  1. Quite common in Asia though, almost every 5-star hotel in cities like Singapore, Jakarta, KL etc have this. I just returned from Jakarta, there on lower floors all the three major opcos had indoor antennas !!

  2. I have seen similar scenario on the highway crossing the border from France to Italy: for the first few km, we could only acquire Wind network, including in the galleries.

    After that, the phone tend to remain on that operator. So it becomes lucrative for the operator.

    A deal with the highway agency? Possible, given the good coverage in galleries.

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