I’m Glad My Favourite Apps Are Freely Available

Yes, app stores is where most people get their applications for their smartphones today. While this is convenient, simple and offers a way to earn money I'd argue it's not the 'natural' state of things. I'd never buy a PC, notebook, netbook or any other device where I can only download programs from a single store that is controled by a single entity with its own agenda. So why should I limit myself to that for a mobile device (think smartphone, tablet, etc.)?

This became quite apparent from a technial point of view to me when I recently tried to download something from an app store and couldn't due to some strange error that persisted for quiet a while. Well, at least I could download my most favorite apps (web browser and email client) from the web pages of the developers and thus bypass the store and the problem. A single point of failure, always a bad thing.

2 thoughts on “I’m Glad My Favourite Apps Are Freely Available”

  1. People like the convenience of an appstore, therefor this will become the standard way. Nevertheless I agree, there should be always an option for manually installing it.

  2. I totally agree with you, Martin.

    Is a model where customers can only buy apps in the official shop technological evolution or involution?

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