Traveling Through The Night – But With A Good Camera

A bit of a reflectional note today. It's currently winter season in the Northern hemisphere and while I do see daylight every now and then it's mostly indoors while I work. When I have time for taking pictures and posting some of them on Flickr, the sun has usually long gone down. So when I recently looked at my Flickr stream (see on the right) I noticed that there are many pictures taken at night and I couldn't really remember that I've done that much in the past. But perhaps there's an easy answer for that. My N8-00's camera takes great shots even at night so it's finally worth taking pictures in such conditions. Yes, camera-only devices could do that, too but I stopped years ago taking an additional camera on my travels unless there's a specific reason to do so. I am glad that when I had to choose between the N8 and the C7 with a less capable camera, I went for the N8. Kind of opens a new picture universe for me [ – end of advertisement section 🙂 – ] And now over to Southern California for higher temperatures and hopefully a bit more sunlight for a couple of days.