50 MB A Day Is Not Enough Anymore

I just had a look through my archive and found out that 2007 was the year Vodafone Germany introduced it's WebSession offer that I have used every since for Internet connectivity while traveling away from home when I didn't have a local SIM card. Since then the offer hasn't changed much, €15 for 50 MB a day with a nice little landing screen to invite you to spend another €15 when you exceeded the limit. At the time, I found the 50 MB quite sufficient and didn't have to control my usage to much. These days, however, the 50 MB are used up quite quickly and I have to watch my consumption. An interesting change! So Vodafone, no change in the tariff in 4 years!? It's about time, the world has moved on!

One thought on “50 MB A Day Is Not Enough Anymore”

  1. Hi,

    In Vodafone Portugal there are already available some unlimited traffic plans for mobile use. The prices vary from:
    – 6.25 € @ 1Mbps (max), traffic limit of 10 GB
    – 24.99 @ 43.2 Mbps (max), no limit

    For speeds between 1Mbps and 4Mbps, after using the traffic limit the speeds are decreased to 128Kbps.

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