Hotels, No Bedside Power Plugs And An External Battery

It's a bit strange but lately I seem to select hotels that do not have power plugs close to the bedside. Even newly renovated ones!? Another one of those must have's in hotels these days for people owning smartphones that need to be recharged over night due to constant use during daytime. My Nokia N8 has a built-in battery so I had to get an external rechargeable battery for days with heavy use while on the go. I seldom use it for this purpose as the battery usually lasts and I always saw it as a disadvantage to just carrying a spare battery to be inserted when the need arose. But lately, with no power socket being found close by over night, the external rechargeable battery has become the ideal solution. Recharge the phone with the external battery over night and recharge the external battery somewhere else during daytime. Interesting lesson that what is first perceived as a disadvantage can turn into the opposite.

One thought on “Hotels, No Bedside Power Plugs And An External Battery”

  1. I have the noticed the same problem. I use to use a solar recharging external battery but my recent device is a bit picky about how it likes to be charged. Luckily though, it has a better battery life and I can usually get by for a few days without external power.

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