People Still Unaware of Capped EU-Roaming Charges

Over the past couple of days while traveling in Europe I noticed that quite a number of people still seemed unaware of how much voice calls cost per minute while they travel abroad. In two cases I have heard people saying that they do not accept a call or don't want to call back because that is "so expensive". Looks like the old fears of "euros per minute" instead of "cents per minute" as it is now is stuck deep within the psyche of many people. Not good for anyone involved. The call is not made so people are unhappy and network operators are not making money. A most unfortunate combination…

One thought on “People Still Unaware of Capped EU-Roaming Charges”

  1. Well our Canadian operators do still charge Euros per minute. and for data is 10x worse. can be 30€/M

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