UMA For Android – Voice over LTE Could Be So Easy…

It's a joy to see that due to the flexibility and openness of Android, pretty much all major Android based smartphones sold by Orange UK now come with UMA Wi-Fi installed. A recent post on Recombu says, Orange is shipping the Samsung Galaxy S II, LG phones, Huawei phones, HTC phones, etc. etc with UMA. Not only does UMA extend in-house coverage of voice and SMS services in places where neither GSM nor UMTS is available by tunneling the connection of the smartphone and the Mobile Switching Center over Wi-fi, but it also shows how easy voice over LTE could be achieved in the future. After all, like Wi-Fi, LTE is an end-to-end IP based technology. Perhaps I'm repeating myself, but the thought just keeps coming back. For the details see here.

2 thoughts on “UMA For Android – Voice over LTE Could Be So Easy…”

  1. Just a thought. Yes UMA is “easy” to add. In the network it requires some additional stuff (IPSec etc).

    But how much can UMA evolve?

    could that be one additional reason why IMS was chosen?

    In the end we’ll likely have 3G as an IP pipe as well without traditional CS and then people will choose whatever voice bearer they like (IMS, Microsoft Messenger, Skype etc.).

    With UMA, they’d still be bound to the operator and their “CS” network.

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