10GB for 9 Euros in Austria on Prepaid

Austria has long been the country with one of the lowest prices in mobile in the western hemisphere and give you a pretty good idea of how things might look like in other countries in a couple of years from now. The latest offer there from one network operator is 10 GB of data per month for 9 euros on a prepaid SIM card (with automatic monthly renewal). Data rates are throttled to 4 MBit/s in the downlink direction and 2 MBit/s in the uplink direction but that is more than enough for most things. And on top they are explicitly mentioning the possibility to use the SIM in a 3G dongle bought elsewhere. Makes you think when you see tariffs and the terms and conditions in other countries…

2 thoughts on “10GB for 9 Euros in Austria on Prepaid”

  1. Normally you can take any “H3G” tariff plan in any other ” H3G ” with you. Like in italy or UK. Pretty good deal.

  2. Where Austrian wireless is clearly at the top in the western world: thoroughly racist commercials

    Have you heard Telering’s commercials featuring ‘Der Inder’? Very crass use of an Indian accent in German.

    Their technology may be 21st century but their thinking lies somewhere in the late 1800’s, if so advanced.

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