On Which Planet Does Swisscom Live with Their Wi-Fi Hotspots?

I've recently checked out a nearby hotel in Germany for a future conference for network coverage and what kind of Wi-Fi they are providing. Turned out that they have a Wi-Fi system provided by Swisscom. Many years ago I have used them once and was quite surprised that after 250 megabytes the connection was interrupted abruptly and I had to pay again. Since then I've made a big circle around them.

Surely this can't be the case these days anymore, especially not for the horrendous daily price of over 17 Euros they want per day!? Turns out that the very same limit is still in place. Swisscom, you can't be serious, 17 Euros a day is outrageous even without a transfer limit. We'll definitely stay away from your offer and go for an alternative. To bad for you, too bad for the hotel but the market has long since moved on to offer Wi-Fi as part of the price of the hotel room (I don't pay extra for towels either…), or if that is not the case, offer connectivity at a price you don't have to think about twice.

4 thoughts on “On Which Planet Does Swisscom Live with Their Wi-Fi Hotspots?”

  1. I’m not sure you are knocking at the right door. I think you should blame the hotel, not Swisscom…

  2. It happened over and over again in a lot of hotels.

    Swisscom wifi?
    Works well, but crazy price!


  3. If you had to pay for the towels, would you blame the towel company?

    These hotels should be named and shamed to be honest.

  4. I’m at the World Radiocommunication Conference in Geneva at the moment. It’s ironic that in the large plenary meeting it is the RJ45 ethernet cable that everyone craves, as despite a very sophisticated set of access points, the WiFi set-up just can’t cope with 2000 people streaming YouTube videos (only a slight exaggeration). On the positive side, hotels here are starting to offer free WiFi at last.

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