Remember the Nokia 7650? Several Orders of Magnitude in 10 Years

7650-smYou probably still know Windows XP? Of course you do, because it still runs on many computers today, despite having been launched 10 years ago, back in 2002. The look and feel is still the same as back then. But do you remember the Nokia 7650? Probably not because you haven't seen anybody in half a decade using one. But, believe it or not, it was also launched back in 2002 and it was THE high end smartphone of its day to be had for around 600 euros. Let's have a look at the specs then and now:

  • CPU: 104 MHz (vs. 1.0 GHz and up today, 1 order of magnitude)
  • Storage memory: A whooping 4 MB (vs. 16-32 GB today, almost 4 orders of magnitude)
  • Camera: 640×480, i.e. 0.3 Megapixels (vs. 8 megapixels found in most phones today or 41 megapixels of the Nokia 808, 1 order of magnitude)
  • Network: GPRS, 40 kbit/s (vs. 21 MBit/s HSPA+, 2 orders of magnitude)
  • Display resolution: 176×208 pixels, 4096 colors (vs. 640×960 (iPhone4), not quite an order of magnitude, but you can easily tell..)

And all of this in 10 years. Kind of gives you an idea of what to expect in 10 years from now (apart from Windows XP still running on some machines).


6 thoughts on “Remember the Nokia 7650? Several Orders of Magnitude in 10 Years”

  1. Interesting… imagine 2022 as Reda said! Just a detail Martin, but 40 times more is not 4 orders of magnitudes, that would be 10,000 times more 🙂 And while we’re at picking on details, the display resolution, if you count the number of pixels, went from 176*208=36,608 pixels to 640*960=614,400, which is slightly more than one order of magnitude (but nowhere near 2!).

  2. Hi Nicolas,

    let’s have a look at 4 orders of maginutude for the storage space: 4 MB + 1 magnitude = 40 MB + 1 magnitude = 400 MB + 1 magnitude = 4GB + 1 magnituede = 40GB. With 32 GB that’s “almost 4 orders of magnitude as I said above, so I think that statement was correct.

    Display resolution: I said “less than 1 order of magnitude”, not 2 as you suggest, you must have skipped a line there.

    So I stand to my original words 🙂


  3. Size and weight are similar though! Seems we have not evolved as fast as our phones. Nice set of comparisons.

  4. Oops, I don’t know where I took that 40 (it seemed clear at the time though!) 🙂 I must be confusing MB and GB!
    As for the display resolution, I wasn’t saying you said 2 🙂 just that the *increase* was not quite 100-fold. Anyway, my bad for doubting you, that’s why I’d written in the first place, it was just so unexpected that you could get that concept wrong 🙂

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