Facebook on Older Nokias

Observation of the day: While the trend of people using their daily commute time for reading news and checking their Facebook news on their newly acquired smartphones and tablets keeps increasing I also noticed that there are quite a number of people using their somewhat older Nokia phones to browse the web. Note that I am not talking about those previously high end phones such as the N96 etc. No, I am talking about those 3 year entry level Symbian phones such as the Nokia 5230.

I am pretty sure that when people bought those phones 2 or 3 years ago, it was not with Internet access in mind. Those were not the tech savvy people at the time that would have done that when it was still a nerd thing. But still, for whatever reason, perhaps because they don't want to invest money for a new smartphone but still access their Facebook messages on to go, they've opted for an additional data tariff on their current prepaid or postpaid subscription and have found out that their 'old' phone is capable of doing a lot more than what they've bought it for initially.

For me that shows that Internet access on the go has really reached the masses.