When Even Hackers Don’t Want To Connect To the Network

One thing that frequently pops up in reports about hacker conferences such as the annual CCC conference in Berlin or Defcon in Las Vegas is that many of the hackers present there are very reluctant to connect their PCs to any network there for the fear of being hacked. While this might sound like it is a sensible precaution I think this is rather worrisome.

These are the people that know best how to protect themselves and how to set up their equipment securely. And yet even these people feel they can not securely connect to the network. So what's the differences between the networks at those conferences and using networks in other places? Only the number of hackers present. But if it's not secure at those conferences it is no less secure to use networks anywhere else.

Not much trust in our computing and network infrastructure by those who know what is possible and what can be done. Makes one think…