How Fast Mobile Web Browsing Has Become

When always going from one smartphone model to the next it is often difficult to see how things have advanced as the differences are often only subtle. But when comparing devices that are three or four generations apart one can see a real difference. Taking web browsing speed for example between, a two year old Nokia N8 with OperaMIni and a current high end model such as a Samsung Galaxy S-III. When clicking on a link on the N8 it takes a second or two for the new page to show up, even on mobile optimized pages. A good browsing experience, no doubt, but totally shadowed by the web browser's speed on the S-III where the page is displayed almost instantly, even when the radio connection has been in a dormant state to conserve power. This speed-up is really impressive. Now give me world wide offline maps & navigation and a superb camera, two things I like on my N8 and I am ready to move one.

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