SimSpy Still Works!

SimspyMany years ago when I first ventured into mobile I got myself a SIM card reader with a serial interface because I found a neat program called "SimSpy" that could read lots of fields on the SIM card and interpret their contents. Time has moved on, serial interfaces on computers became a thing of the past and my serial SIM card reader would not work any longer without a USB adapter. In other words, I pretty much forgot about it. But recently, I had the need for a SIM card reader again so I bought a new one straight with a USB interface for 16 Euros as the description mentioned that it supported a number of, let's say, 'traditional' API standards. For details see the (German) description on Amazon. And indeed, the included driver installed flawlessly even in a virtual machine running Windows XP and the latest version of SimSpy had no problems finding the card reader and reading the SIM cards I inserted (see picture on the left, with a couple of sensitive fields blanked out…). Very neat indeed!

2 thoughts on “SimSpy Still Works!”

  1. That’s a wierd selection of prefered networks on the SIM, I can’t work out which MCC 262 operator would chose them (except T-Mobile doesn’t appear anywhere…)!

    Could it be a service provider or MVNO SIM?

  2. Of course E-plus would have some random set of prefered roaming networks, but why Telfort NL (204 12) and not KNP in that case (ok, they on that networks too).

    But the “EFimsi subscriber identity” parameter shows “DE O2”, but the network list shows Voda CZ (232 05), rather than O2 CZ.

    I think I’ll just stop trying to work out this one 🙂

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