Seoul: A Cell Every 50 Meters

Tiny-cells-SK TelecomAnd here's the post I hinted at earlier on cellular network coverage in the popular district I've been reporting about with an antenna on everything that does not move. Think I exaggerate? Then have a look at the screenshot on the left, produced with output from my Cell Logger App. Each red dot is the location at which a change to a new, so far, useen cell has occured (i.e. cell ping-pongs already removed!). The cell density is incredible, about one cell every 50 meters (have a look at the map resolution). And that is only SK's network which uses 3 carriers in this area. Signal levels are also way higher than in most other places I have performed measurements so. Signal strenghts up to -40 dbm are not unusal there. And no, I am not kidding, it is really -40 dbm. The meter never went far below -65 dbm in that area. In that 600 x 400 m area (0.25 km2) I walked up and down there were no less than 15 individual cells! Compare that to, lets say, busy areas in Cologne were cells are typically spaced apart 300 meters.

2 thoughts on “Seoul: A Cell Every 50 Meters”

  1. Such cell density solves any positioning issues … You just need the cell ID to schieve great accuracy! 🙂

  2. in HongKong its the same, when using Three as network and walking in the popular shopping areas you can see on many windows at the 6-10th floor the wcdma antennas…
    (poor people living behind the antennas… would be interesting to see the trx power of this cells, should be less 1 watt)


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