Ubuntu on the Nexus 7

I've come to like tablets for purposes such as eBook reading or the occasional web search or Youtube video on the couch. However, I can't imagine just taking a pad with me instead of a small notebook computer when I travel, it's just too restrictive in terms of multitasking especially when it comes to creative tasks from email to word processing. But I think we are getting closer with Canonical just having announced that they've created an easy installer to get the current Ubuntu version running on a Google Nexus 7 tablet.

It's just experimental at this point but if there is enough processing power in that ARM based CPU then it will hopefully mature quite quickly. With one gigabyte of RAM it is on par with my 3 year old first generation Intel Atom based netbook that I've used intensively as my private PC when traveling during that time.

And who knows, perhaps in a year from now together with a thin or foldable Bluetooth keyboard for productivity, a pad running a decent Ubuntu version might finally be an alternative for a notebook. Kudos to all working on this!

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