LTE: 40 Mbit/s In A Hotel Room

A new personal Internet access speed record while traveling: When I was recently staying at a hotel somewhere in the middle of Germany I could reach a steady download rate of 40 Mbit/s while downloading a video file of around 1 GB. At that data rate the file was download in just a couple of minutes which easily dwarfed my 25 Mbit/s VDSL line at home. For a 10 MHz LTE channel in the 800 MHz digital dividend band that's quite something!

One thought on “LTE: 40 Mbit/s In A Hotel Room”

  1. Hi Martin,

    are you shure it was 800MHZ channel?
    on Vodafone or T-Mobile?

    On Vodafone i never had more than 22 Mbit and did a lot of testings in the night at LTE eNodeBs where there could be realy no other traffic :-)))


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