Are You Reading This Blog Directly Or Via An RSS Reader? – Please Let Me Know

In a quick follow up to my post yesterday about the closure of Google Reader not only being a sad move but actually a chance for the web to develop I would be quite interested how many of you read this blog directly and how many of you use an RSS feed reader. If you could spare a couple of seconds I’d appreciate if you could take part in the poll below.

Thanks very much!

26 thoughts on “Are You Reading This Blog Directly Or Via An RSS Reader? – Please Let Me Know”

  1. Yup. Google Reader. Life is tough! If you could publish all your future posts within the next 3 months I would appreciate 😉

  2. Yes, I use RSS to read this any many other feeds. Up until this weekend, I was using Google Reader to do that.

    Now, after spending far too much time looking for a solution at the weekend (thanks for that Google!) I’ve found my alternative: I’ll use Feedr on my Android phone to browse my feeds, sharing those I want to read to the Pocket app for cross device synced reading (incl. Firefox).

    Let’s see how that goes. Currently the only annoyance with this setup is that browsing feeds only makes sense on the one device – i.e. my phone – even if reading is then synced.

  3. RSS Feed Reader formerly Google reader, yesterday I migrated to a selfhosted tt-rss with the companion Android App..

  4. I stumbled upon this blog because a colleague sent me the link – so obiously I read it directly. But I just decided to add it to my RSS feeds (which I use multiple times a day on at least three devices).

  5. Looks like Google Reader thinks you have 941 subscribers via it’s service right now. It’ll be interesting to see what percentage of those are active in terms of taking the time to vote.

  6. direct – for i read to few blogs as that i wanted to really bother looking for a better way to read them 😉

  7. RSS feed with NextGen Reader, a WP8 app that uses Google Reader to pull your subscriptions.

  8. What RSS? What Facebook? What Twitter? Who needs those fleeting stars? Any browser will do.

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