Android Stability: Over 1000 Hours to Reboot

On my desktop PC I proud myself with only having to reboot perhaps once a week. While I consider this as a sign of operating system stability I recently noticed that I could not remember when I last rebooted my Android based smartphone. Even though I use a lot of apps such as the web browser, Google maps for navigation, the Kindle App and FB-Reader for ebooks, K-9 for email, the weather app, train table lookup app, etc. etc. it took over 1000 hours to finally come to a point when a reboot was necessary. That's over 40 days the OS was running non-stop. A new personal record as my previous phones usually rebooted in some sort of self-defense mechanism every now and then.

3 thoughts on “Android Stability: Over 1000 Hours to Reboot”

  1. Highscores for server uptimes are around 1600 days, if memory serves me well. A little way to go 🙂

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