ownCloud and Bookmarks

Remember Delicious? Once upon a time I used Delicious quite a lot to store bookmarks I didn't want to have in the bookmark menu of my web browser and which, in all likelihood, I would never need again anyway. But one never knows and there are pages which are not easily to be found with a search engine and every once in a while I was glad I could go back to my "bookmarks dump".

Then in 2011 Delicious as we knew it faded away and morphed into something different and I had to re-import the bookmarks into my web browser which was an adventure all by itself. This worked quite well for some time but for some reason the bookmark search algorithm in Firefox was really slow and I had to delete the better part of my bookmark pile. But now I'm back in the game again with the ownCloud bookmark application.

After all my posts on ownCloud in the last couple of months you must either have one of your own by now or be weary of my ramblings on it. But I can't help it, I just like it and it proves more and more useful every day for sharing documents as well as calendar and address book synchronization. With a little bookmarklet in the browser I can now save bookmarks again in the cloud with a single click and search through them when needed in ownClouds browser based GUI.

Just like in the good old Delicious days but with privacy added as the data is stored on my server at home. Perfect!