Where Did The 4 GSM Dots Come From?

Gsm-4-dotsWhen GSM was first launched in Europe a long long long time ago back in 19992 the GSM logo could quite often be seen in advertisements. It's gone a bit out of fashion in the past decade but every now and then I still stumble over it like in the image on the left I took in Bratislava. I've done a lot of research into the history of GSM but I could never find any information on the logo. Who designed it and what do the 4 dots you can see in the "M" of GSM signify. Who put them there? It's all a big mystery. If you know something about this, I'd be glad if you could share it in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Where Did The 4 GSM Dots Come From?”

  1. I have checked the classical book on GSM by Mouly and Pautet, published in 1992. But even there it says on p.32: “The meaning of the dots in this logo, if any, is unknown to the authors and is left to the reader’s imagination”.
    Unfortunately no new insights here.


  2. Could it be a sign of the 4 countrie originally participating in the “Groupe Special Mobile” (D/F/UK/I)?

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