Bluetooth Revival Part 2: A Bluetooth Loudspeaker

Back in August I reported that I suddenly found a use again for Bluetooth connectivity after I haven't used it for quite some time thanks to my new Notebook now including a Bluetooth radio. Since then I've added yet another one. As I travel a lot I like to have a good loudspeaker connected to my PC in hotel rooms either for listening to music or for watching a movie streamed from the PC to the TV set in the room. When I looked for a Bluetooth enabled small loudspeaker two years ago I didn't find any, at least not in the size I wanted so I opted for a cable based loudspeaker. So I was quite surprised that two years later it's quite easy to find small Bluetooth enabled loudspeakers produced by many companies. Quite an interesting change. So I bought one and it just works fine with my Ubuntu powered notebook and with my Android smartphone as well. Great!