What If the NSA Did NOT Know Of Heartbleed?

The last couple of days of security news has been interesting to say the least. Heartblead has become a headline even in non-tech circles. Now that it has been established how dangerous the bug is, how simple it is to weaponize it and how easy it is to find in the code that is publicly available, a facet of the discussion focuses on whether the NSA (and other spy agencies) have known about it and for how long. Unsurprisingly the NSA denies prior knowledge and as unsurprisingly there are only few who believe them.

What I find interesting in the discussion is, that nobody has asked so far what it would mean if the NSA really didn't know about Heatbleed!?

I would assume that with a budget of billions of dollars annually they must have hoards of programs who's only job it is to find weaknesses in open source code that is publicly available by nature. In other words they must have stumbled over it unless they are totally incompetent. This is nothing that hid deep deep inside the code, this bug is so obvious to someone specifically looking for weaknesses in code that this must have been an instant find.

So the NSA is damned one way or the other. If they did find the bug, did not report and then lied about it, they put everyone at risk even their own industry because it is absolutely obvious that this but is easy to find for other spy agencies as well. And if they didn't find it on the other hand, as they claim, one has to wonder what they spend all those billions of dollars on annually…

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  1. So if they did know about this would they have gone to all the trouble that they did to get the certificate keys for Ledar Leversons email service.

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