16 GB – The Result of Unlimited Data

3-16GB-during-vacationWhat happens when I get a SIM card with unlimited and unthrottled Internet access while I'm on vacation? Right, I have to find out if it's really unlimited. A hypothetical scenario? No, not at all, Austrian operator 'Drei' (Hutchison Three) offers unlimited and unthrottled HSPA Internet access on their prepaid SIM cards for 18 Euros a month (without contract). Perfect for my recent vacation in Austria. The result: After pretty much behaving like at home with a fixed line connection, i.e. no moderation as far as video and audio streaming was concerned, I ended up transferring 16 gigabytes of data during my vacation over their 3G network. I have to admit I didn't check their max throughput but it was sufficient for video streaming and it never felt slow in the first place. Very nice!