Chip 2014 Cellular Network Test Germany: 126 Mbit/s Peak!

Every year there are two very interesting network tests published in German IT magazines. Chip has just published its result a couple of days ago and you can read the very detailed report in German here or in English, with the help of Google translate here. Again, the results are amazing and here are a couple of key numbers:

  • Fastest average speed measured over 30 seconds in one of the LTE networks: 126 Mbit/s
  • Average UMTS and LTE speed nationwide over the whole test period: between 37 Mbit/s (cities) to 25 Mbit/s (rural areas).
  • Upload speeds > 2 Mbit/s on average of the best network: 84.5%
  • LTE network coverage along the nation wide test route: 75%
  • Success rate of watching Youtube videos without interruption: 94%
  • Voice call drop rate of the best network in sparsely populated areas: 1.84%

The "Connect" test is up next and will also be interesting, especially because the magazine compares the networks in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with each other.

If you know of similar tests for other countries that were published recently I'd be great if you could leave a comment.

2 thoughts on “Chip 2014 Cellular Network Test Germany: 126 Mbit/s Peak!”

  1. Correction: actually the results were gathered from 184 countries and 700+ operators.

    Pretty interesting. Now, I don’t know whether Joikuspeed would provide more comprehensive and detailed results upon request, but I suppose you could ask 🙂

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