From Half a Million to A Billion – Size of Mobile Network Operators

Just a quick post today because I struck me today what a wide difference in size there is today between network operators. On the high end of the scale there are network operator organizations that serve countries with a population of over a billion, i.e. 1000 million people and have a significant market share. And on the other end of the spectrum there are countries, yes, independent countries, with just half a million inhabitants in Europe, i.e. countries that are much smaller than even only a single mid-sized city in bigger countries.

In other words, even if one of the network operators in such a country is dominant, it doesn't have more than a view hundred thousand subscribers. Between 1000 million and less than a million are 3 orders of magnitude! Breathtaking that the way mobile networks are built and operated works on both ends of the spectrum and that there doesn't necessarily seem to be a sweet spot at some point in between for an ideal network and organization size.