Android USB Tethering to Connect a Raspberry Pi to the Internet

USB - TetheringThese days the easiest way to connect a PC or Raspberry Pi for that matter to the Internet via a smartphone is to use Wi-Fi tethering.  But there are still scenarios in which Wi-Fi is not ideal, e.g. when the air is already pretty "busy". Another way that I recently discovered is to use USB tethering that many Android phones also support in addition to the ubiquitous Wi-Fi tethering. The screenshot on the left shows CyanogenMod's Android menu to activate "USB Tethering". Luckily, Raspbian already comes with drivers for it so the new network interface is recognized immediately. The only thing that is required is an entry in /etc/network/interfaces so the USB0 interfaces gets an IP address from the phone:

auto usb0
iface usb0 inet dhcp