Book Review: CHRONOS

ChronosApart from books on computing history, well written techno-thrillers are another favorite of mine. I’m quite picky when it comes to this genre and I can’t stand novels with unrealistic plots or technology descriptions. Quite some time has passed since I read a techno-thriller so I was glad when William Hern, a long time colleague of mine approached me earlier this year and asked me if I was interested in proof-reading the novel he was working on.

The book’s called “CHRONOS” and the plot is as geeky and realistic as it can possibly be in a techno-thriller. The book starts with a quote that so very much describes the real world that I have to repeat it here:

“… most of the people in this world accept the fruits of technology in about the same way as a kitten accepts milk”

Jerry Pournelle

I could start talking about the story line now but as it twists and turns right from the beginning I would just end up writing a spoiler. So I won’t and just leave you with my recommendation that if you are into realistic techno-thrillers, want to learn a few interesting things along the way and if you know or do not know who Satoshi Nakamoto is, this is the book for you. Ups, already a spoiler right there…

Have fun!