The Nibbler 4-Bit CPU PCB Has Arrived

Nibbler-pcb-smLast month, I've reported about a great 4-Bit Self-Made CPU project called "The Nibbler". It continues to fascinate me as the tools that are freely available such as an assembler and a simulator for it help me to get a deeper understanding of how "computers" work at their core. But while simulating the CPU is great fun I'd really like to build the real thing myself. Wire wrapping is not my thing so I went ahead and ordered the printed circuit board for self assembly. Despite being shipped out of Canada it only took a week to arrive. I was quick to order it because there were only a few left. In the meantime the PCB is sold out but there's a waiting list. I guess if there are enough requests there might be second batch. Great, now the hunt for the parts begins 🙂