The Secure Hotel Wi-Fi Sharing Pi Solution Now Supports the Raspberry Pi 3

Back in 2014 I came up with a solution to share a single hotel Wi-Fi connection to all devices I have with me and so so in a secure way with a built in VPN tunnel. Over the years the project has evolved a bit and I’m happy to report that with input from echaritos on Github the solution now also supports the Raspberry Pi 3 that has a built-in Wi-Fi interface.

Previous Rasbperry Pi hardware versions did not come with a built-in Wi-Fi interface and the project thus relied on the use of an external Wi-Fi adapter and a pre-compiled hostapd executable based on the sources of Realtek, the chipset manufacturer. This never was an ideal solution as using pre-compiled binaries is not the best thing from a security point of view. Also, at some point last year the Linux kernel shipped with Raspbian was modified and suddenly no longer supported the Realtek hostapd. As a consequence the project has since relied on the installation of an older kernel. Also far from ideal.

With the Raspberry Pi 3 both issues are fixed. A third party hostapd binary is no longer required and the latest kernel can be used with the hostapd binary of the Raspbian repositories.

As the installation and configuration procedure for the Pi 3 is slightly different in some places compared to the procedure for the Pi 1 and 2, there are now two installation shell scripts in the Github repository of the project. Apart from that there are no changes in the installation process.