Humble Bundle – IT Security Books

A quick tip today for those interested in extending their knowledge about IT Security: Humble bundle currently has a fine assortment of IT security related books on sale. I haven’t read any of these books yet but according to Fefe (in German), ‘Practical Reverse Engineering’ by Bruce Dang and friends is one of the standard works of the genre and already included in the $1 bundle. Fefe also speaks very highly of other books that are part of the slightly higher priced bundles ($8 and $15) such as, according to him, the legendary ‘Security Engineering’ and the ‘Shellcoder’s handbook’. Also recommended and first on my list to read is the ‘Web Applications Hacker’s Handbook 2nd edition’. All books are DRM free (otherwise I would not have bothered) and available in different formats such as ePUB and PDF. The books are of course several years old but the usefulness of ‘standard works’ is a bit longer than the usual 12-24 months so I’m very much looking forward to diving into many of them.