5G – How do mmWave Antennas Look Like?

While in Europe, most network operators have the 3.x GHz band in mind when thinking about 5G deployments. Some network operators in the US, however, want to launch 5G in the mmWave bands in the 20-50 GHz range. So how will antennas in mobile devices look like for these bands?

A Google search on the topic sent me to the following pages that give an interesting insight into this topic:

This link leads to a Qualcomm PDF file published 22. October 2018 and shows how two mmWave antenna modules are integrated on the sides of a mobile device. Quite tiny!

And this link leads to a post on ‘The Verge’ from July 2018 that gives some additional information on how the modules will be mounted in a device.

I’m very much looking forward to see reports at some point how mmWave will perform work in practice, i.e. data throughput vs. range.

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