Interesting Wireless Sites On The Web

It’s been a while since I had a list of recommendations of other interesting wireless related sites on the net. This time around my picks are not standard websites or even blogs but Twitter and Youtube accounts. This means that their focus is on images and videos, perfect to get an idea of how equipment looks like and how it is used in practice!

I start my list of recommendations with Peter Schmidt who is working in field operations of a German network operator who posts pictures and comments on Twitter about his never ending struggles to keep the network ‘on air’. Must be a fun job particularly in summer and if you are not afraid of heights! Peter also held a fabulous talk about ‘the uplink – the hidden side of mobile networks’ at the previous 35C3. You can find the video of his talk in an English translation here and the original in German over here. More pictures and insights from a his colleague ezMichael who has his Twitter account here.

Next on my list of Links I’ve been accumulating for a bit is Peter Clarke’s Youtube channel and his Twitter account. Lot’s of very interesting videos with detailed explanations of hardware components used at base station sites. I have to admit I was stunned about his detailed and insightful commentary. Also from the UK is Jake, who has a similar angle as Peter and shares his base station and performance result images on Twitter over here.

For a French perspective on mobile networks, have a look at Jérôme Hlmst’s Twitter site. If you care about core networks, have a look at OVH’s Twitter account! And to round things off for today, head over to KC7JLU, who has interesting general interest radio pictures to share on Twitter over here.