The Cloud Based 5GC – From Theory To Practice

Last year I wrote about a 5G Americas whitepaper that describes how 3GPP has standardized the 5G core in a way that lends itself for cloud based implementation. In short, that means that control plane functions are split into microservices, deployed on bare metal clusters in containers and managed with Kubernetes. So far the theory. Now, products designed this way are announced by first telecommunication vendors.

Here’s a link to a number of very insightful whitepapers that Ericsson has recently published. You have to leave a name and email address before the web page lets you download the PDF brochures but it’s worth the effort. Once you have read the 5G Americas whitepaper linked to above and understood the basic concepts of the 5GC being cloud native, these Ericsson documents will tell you how it will actually be implemented in practice!