I’m Giving An Online Docker Hands-On Workshop

Like most conferences in the first half of 2021, the Chemnitzer Linux Tage (Chemnitz Linux Days) on the 13th and 14th of March will be held online. Apart from very interesting talks about Linux-related topics, most of them in German, the conference also offers a broad range of workshops. While I like to give talks, I have to admit that after a year of doing them online, I am a little tired of staring into the lens of a camera while seeing nobody and only receiving little feedback. So in return for the inspiration I always get from such events by listening to talks of others, I decided to offer something different in return this time.

Instead of giving a talk, I will host a 3 hours Hands-On Workshop about Docker that will cover most things I described in parts 1 to 5 of the Dockerize-Me story I recently published on this blog. The workshop will be in German, so this will probably only appeal to the German readership of this blog.

The idea of the online Hands-On workshop is not to just passively consume content, but to actively work together and discuss things. A BBB conference room will be the anchor for all discussions and I will provide a virtual workstation with a GUI for each participant that can be accessed over VNC from Windows, MacOS, and, of course, from a Linux OS desktop. In case of issues, I can connect to the virtual workstation of a participant and help out. This way, nobody will be left behind when getting stuck and we can go through the topics together at the same pace.

The course is limited to 15 participants as it’s an interactive session, so if you are interested, it’s better to sign-up rather sooner than later. Be reminded again that the session will be in German. As this is a non-profit event, participation is free of charge!